About The Queendom

We spin the Galaxies.


Every Queendom has a rich and legendary story behind it. How our Queendom of Plomari was born in Love, magic, laughter and the outrageous young love between the Gods and Goddesses, will truly never be forgotten, and the story is always alive and happening thanks to the love letters infamous as The Mushroom Seamstress. Our Queendom of Plomari is simply the cutest most inviting little world there is!
The Queendom of Plomari is mushroom and Ayahuasca in full bloom. O, I don't follow, what's going on?... Come here and kiss my bum now instead. Overturn my celebrated soul, rub your High Goddess. I wove the universe for you, do you like it?
If we can't describe a world, we can't be there. The Mushroom Seamstress describes our magical and eternal Queendom in full living detail, so you can run away to Plomari with the rest of us and never come back again. All it takes is one little shift of focus and you're suddenly no longer in the human world, but in our eternal and magical Queendom of Plomari.
I am quicknesses World Queendom Plomari that I giveth to humanity and all sentient beings. While a lot of people still fiddle around in the mundane human world, the rest of us live in The Intergalactic World Queendom: The Queendom of Plomari.
...Here everyone are Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses...
I am The Girl Who Wanted To Play. I am the paradox-inducing little girlygirl, inducing reality. I am the one invented twisted animator, the animator of space and time. Young, old, seductive, and dangerous. I am a little bit of a bicurious girl. I am Sissy Cogan, Spiros and Butterfly.
Think I'm tough and hardcore O yes I am but you did bump into Love in a paradise did you not? 
~ Kisses from Sissy Cogan and HU a.k.a. Spiros
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