The Mushroom Seamstress - Ebook PDF


This is the book of secrets that The Strawberry Queendom of Plomari rests on. World famous as the strangest book ever written, it is also famous for its opulence and that the enlightenment of millions and millions of people was reported short after its release. A looming shade. A kid napping. A glorious crime. A double pleaser jelly dolphin at overwhelming speed and two naked girls playing with a red ball of yarn. A young boy with a straw hat on his head walking around bare feet and bare breasted with a pair of blue jeans by the river. All this finished off with absolutely void, ecstatic ruin. And then, the final twist! Whatever you think you have read and seen thus far in your life, nothing can ever prepare you for your meeting with The Seamstress. - Ebook PDF, Direct download after purchase
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