Awakening In Plomari - Sex Herself in High Person - Ebook


We ask you, Humanity, when you built the Human world, how the fuck were you thinking, hur har ni fan tänkt!? Jag e skit arg nu, I am really pissed off now! Yeah well shut up da baby still your busy mind and listen to me, I have an idea! So enough with our warning, nog med våran varning, ni kanske kunde tänka nu, Humanity, maybe you could really sit down and think for a moment before you continue! You see, me as King of Plomari, and my people, we are fighting it out with you whose planet this planet Earth is, and I will say with confidence that we are winning, it is ours, ours of the country and queendom of Plomari. We of Plomari live our life free of compromise, and we have made a grand find here finding the Earth. We hereby grasp it now as our planet. And what the planet is? It is our planetary psilocybin mushroom cultivation...

Ebook PDF, 73 pages

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